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Delta SkyMiles

Good day.
Denied because both members of SkyTeam

H-Hotels HotMiles

Mail to wurde innerhalb von zwei Werktagen bearbeitet. Nachweis auf Anfrage via Screenshot. (Februar 2021)

Best Western Rewards

The email sent on May 3rd has not been replied to now.

Avis Preferred

Did it with but let’s face it : Avis is not that of a good company for cars. Always my last choice. It’s...

Sixt Cards

Using the email

I used Sixt many times : cars are great AND expensive but they ALWAYS refused to upgrade for free....

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

Easy status match after a week with

National Emerald Club

Submitted online form and attached pdf 2-page printout from my Marriott profile Overview page. Received confirmation from National of...

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards

Sent an email to, They respoded withing 30 minutes with an approval. Status is for 90 days.

1. First Name:...