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Recent Status Match Reports


Emirates Skywards

It seems Emirates is only offering Challenges these days...

Info via Email, 19th of August:
[...] I’m happy to confirm that you are...

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

I emailed the KrisFLyer contact center asking for a status match, it was initially denied. I then asked if they do a status challenge. I...

AirBaltic PINS

My boyfriend matched from SAS Diamond to VIP. Tried to match my Goldcard. Took a few days and then it was matched.

Delta SkyMiles

Sent screenshot of (mostly previous-year) mileage activity from Alaska, which also listed my Alaska status. 3 month challenge, and to keep...

Enterprise Plus


Received: Thank you for requesting a status match with Enterprise Plus®. Upon reviewing...

Sixt Cards

Very easy matching with Same day matching and with a smile


Hilton HHonors

I had status match from Accor platinum to HHonor diamond 3 times in a row since 2014. This time they refused based on the fact that I...

Oman Air Sindbad

Sent an email to Sindabd CS with copy of EY gold card, added my recent flight activity and a booking with them. I also added straight away...