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Aeroflot Bonus to S7 Priority

Get challenge with 50% discount of required status miles a year period.

Aeroflot Bonus to AtlasMiles

Just sent a screenshot of my SU card in AppleWallet. gold status granted within 40 min.
Ez match

Aeroflot Bonus to Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

Sent a scan of my SU card (front + back) and a screenshot of last activities from my SU account.
Granted a trial period of 4 months, after...

Aeroflot Bonus to Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

A photo copy of original card was sent. In 3 days the trial period of 4 month was confirmed.
"Elite card trial period will be valid for 4...

Aeroflot Bonus to British Airways Executive Club

Requested statusmatch and described upcoming travelmap with them and that their destinations map is quite attractive yet was politely...

Aeroflot Bonus to Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

They simply asked me to send them a printscreen of my aeroflotbinus fkights activities, cooy of a passport, a copy of aeroflot bonus elite...

Aeroflot Bonus to Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

Asked a status match via link on internet-site. In 3 days requested 2-monthes account statement, passport and the card copies.
Got an...

Aeroflot Bonus to Air Berlin topbonus

Home base in Germany. Just send photo of original SU card by email. Took about 2 days.