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Air Canada Altitude is most likely to Match Status based on 2 of 3 submitted reports (67%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Air Canada Altitude

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards to Air Canada Altitude

Completed form on the day it was released and included screenshot of CP on account. Matched to 75k the same day. Now folks...

WestJet Rewards to Air Canada Altitude

Disappointed to get this automated message when email sent to


Thank you for your email...

Avianca Brazil Amigo to Air Canada Altitude

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Reports for leveraging status with Air Canada Altitude

Air Canada Altitude to Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards

Denied! Only US-based carriers can status match to Southwest.

Air Canada Altitude to Delta SkyMiles

Delta 2 tier match offer, special offer from Delta.

Air Canada Altitude to Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club

Email The Club with 2 years worth of travel record, Elite 50K membership card, passport, L12 month CX travel, and upcoming CX travel....

Air Canada Altitude to Avianca LifeMiles

Email. Have many flights on Avianca, but credited to Aeroplan. Interestingly, agent didn't say NO status matches, but replied, "It is not...

Air Canada Altitude to Delta SkyMiles

Delta has an official SkyMiles Medallion Status Challenge landing page where you can upload your proof of current status and request to...