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Reports for obtaining status with AtlasMiles

Air Berlin topbonus to AtlasMiles

I created a new account with atlas and just sent an email the same day (
I did not get a confirmation email but...

Air France Flying Blue to AtlasMiles

status match granted within a few hours.

Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus to AtlasMiles

Mailed them with picture of card. Reply within 2 Hours

Avianca Brazil Amigo to AtlasMiles

Just mailed a copy of my Avianca Diamond Card which expires at 03-31.2017 !! to their e-mail and asked for a Status match to GOLD.

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles to AtlasMiles

I sent my TK E+ card photo and future e-ticket with AtlasGlobal to
Matched to Gold in 2 days.

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles to AtlasMiles

Match done in 2 hours!

I just send the THY last statement


The Status match is done in 2 working days.
Interesting to fly with them their new destinations and new fleet.

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Reports for leveraging status with AtlasMiles

AtlasMiles to Air Berlin topbonus

Sent an email to and received an email that they won't match me, because only some Airlines are their...