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El Al Matmid Club is most likely to Match Status based on 2 of 3 submitted reports (67%).

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Reports for obtaining status with El Al Matmid Club

United Airlines MileagePlus to El Al Matmid Club

Requires Membership card and flight report from last 12 months.

British Airways Executive Club to El Al Matmid Club

Emailed Tier@elal.co.il with a screenshot of my Silver BA card.
Got an email back asking for a copy of past year travel with BA which I...

American Airlines AAdvantage to El Al Matmid Club

Was told at a travel fare to contact ... that would get status match immediately, for sure

Contacted. provided information. more...

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Reports for leveraging status with El Al Matmid Club

El Al Matmid Club to United Airlines MileagePlus

Sent a mail to United and got a link to status matcher.

El Al Matmid Club to Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club

sent my card and last year of flights.
got Marco polo Silver status (The enrolment fee, USD100 was waived)

asked to sent a future...