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GOL Smiles is most likely to Deny a Status Match based on 2 of 3 submitted reports (67%).

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Reports for obtaining status with GOL Smiles

American Airlines AAdvantage to GOL Smiles

I got in contact through the twiter....

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles to GOL Smiles

asked via email: no reaction, asked on twitter: got turned down

GOL Smiles to GOL Smiles

Portuguese: Tentei um Nomination para minha esposa se igualar ao meu status Smiles Diamante. A GOL informou que não possui poítica de...

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Reports for leveraging status with GOL Smiles

GOL Smiles to Copa Airlines ConnectMiles

Sent an email to accounts@connectmiles.com and got the following answer:

Dear Sir

Greetings on behalf of ConnectMiles.

We are...

GOL Smiles to Air Berlin topbonus

Sent an e mail to statusmatch@topbonus.de and got the following answer

Dear Sir

Thank you for your e-mail.

Unfortunately a...

GOL Smiles to LATAM Pass

I sent a copy of the GOL card, Smiles account statement and LATAM flights in the last 12 months.

GOL Smiles to Delta SkyMiles

90 days to get Gold.

GOL Smiles to Alitalia MilleMiglia

sent 3 emails with copy of my Smiles Gold Card and my passport .After some weeks ( 18/12/2015 ) received email confirming status match and...

GOL Smiles to TudoAzul

Matched for a 6-month period.

GOL Smiles to Avianca Brazil Amigo

Sent email requesting.

all good no problem