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HawaiianMiles is most likely to Deny a Status Match based on 4 of 5 submitted reports (80%).

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Reports for obtaining status with HawaiianMiles

United Airlines MileagePlus to HawaiianMiles

Denied. I met all their stated criteria (had travel history flying to SFO-HNL which is one of their routes, and had future travel planned...

Delta SkyMiles to HawaiianMiles

Emailed them from their contact us portal. Took about a week or so. I shared my Delta status. They asked for additional details. All my...

American Airlines AAdvantage to HawaiianMiles

It appears HA no longer offers status matching, despite recent blog posts to the contrary. I contacted them via email through customer...

United Airlines MileagePlus to HawaiianMiles

I sent the requested information of current status and flights flown last year (50000) The first denial I got said

“ The provided...

American Airlines AAdvantage to HawaiianMiles

Submitted the necessary paperwork of my flight logs and current AA Executive Platinum card, and was denied because none of my past flights...

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