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LATAM Pass is most likely to Match Status based on 2 of 4 submitted reports (50%).

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Reports for obtaining status with LATAM Pass

Delta SkyMiles to LATAM Pass

Sent an email I got from my company and was able to status match.

Avianca LifeMiles to LATAM Pass

I contacted LATAM through their website contact form, saying that I was thinking about shifting my business travel from Avianca to LATAM....

Lufthansa Miles and More to LATAM Pass

no Match, was Denied. Mails only in Spanish/Portuguese

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Reports for leveraging status with LATAM Pass

LATAM Pass to TAP MilesAndGo

Send email to TAP, with an image of the LATAM Pass Platinum Card. They give me a challenge, sign Clube or buy 4.000 miles. I signed Club...

LATAM Pass to United Airlines MileagePlus

I filled the challenge form and I received confirmation of Platinum Status until December...

LATAM Pass to TudoAzul

I sent an email to with an image of the LATAMPass card. Hey, I got this image by making a print screen of...

LATAM Pass to TAP MilesAndGo

Used the published status match: registered for TAP miles and go, uploaded scan of card with registration. Some days later got email from...

LATAM Pass to TAP MilesAndGo

Have to become a membrana of tap miles&go