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NH Rewards is most likely to Match Status based on 3 of 6 submitted reports (50%).

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Hilton HHonors to NH Rewards

Send an email nhrewards@nh-hotels.com, but no match from Hilton Honors Gold to any status.

Marriott Bonvoy to NH Rewards

With regards to your request we would like to inform you that the NH Rewards-program includes four tiers depending on the number of nights...

GHA Discovery to NH Rewards

within 24h via mail

GHA Discovery to NH Rewards

Sending an email to nhrewards@nh-hotels.com with the request for a status match. 2 days later i received the confirmation, that a GHA...

GHA Discovery to NH Rewards

Sent an email to NH Rewards, containing information on my GHA Discovery Platinum Status. An email a few days later, was sent to my email...

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