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Radisson Rewards is most likely to Match Status based on 48 of 50 submitted reports (96%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Radisson Rewards

SAS EuroBonus to Radisson Rewards

Contacted Radisson on and got positive feedback two days later.

Scandic Friends to Radisson Rewards

Sent email to with screenshot of member card and activity from Scandic website. 6 days later I get an reply...

IHG Rewards Club to Radisson Rewards

Initial contact: via mail

Thank you for taking the time to write to us and for being a Radisson Rewards Member.
We would like...

Hilton HHonors to Radisson Rewards

Send an email to and requested the match. Therefore I attached a screenshot of my digital card.
Next day...

IHG Rewards Club to Radisson Rewards

Contacted rewards customer service

IHG Rewards Club to Radisson Rewards

I applied on via the quoted email on 05/07/21 and was granted a match on 09/07/21, I sent a screenshot of card from the IHG app.

IHG Rewards Club to Radisson Rewards


Thank you for taking the time to write and showing interest in Radisson Rewards.

I would like...

IHG Rewards Club to Radisson Rewards

Emailed the on 25th March with a screenshot of my IHG Platinum Elite card. They replied yesterday 20th April...

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Reports for leveraging status with Radisson Rewards

Radisson Rewards to NH Rewards

With regards to your request we would like to inform you that the NH Rewards-program includes four tiers...

Radisson Rewards to Sonesta Travel Pass

Emailed Sonesta at and sent them evidence of my status with Radisson Hotels. Was upgraded to Elite within 24 hours.

Radisson Rewards to Best Western Rewards

I first matched from LeClub Accor to radisson gold an from LeClub Accor Gold to Best Western Diamond.
I unfortunatly afterwards tried to...

Radisson Rewards to Wyndham Rewards

emailed matched from gold to diamond within 24 hours.