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Air Berlin topbonus to TAP Victoria

Dear Mr,

We regret the delay in answering your question.

We inform that each Frequent Flyer programme is run by the corresponding...

TudoAzul to TAP Victoria

Sent to "victoriamiles@cc.tapvictoria.com"

Caro Sr.,

Informamos que cada Programa de Passageiro Frequente é gerido pela...

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Reports for leveraging status with TAP Victoria

TAP Victoria to TudoAzul

Email address to : desafio.tudoazul@voeazul.com.br

Request for elite status matching procedure:
- Send email with picture of PHYSIC...

TAP Victoria to Air Berlin topbonus

I've got the match using a Danish address, no issues getting the match.

TAP Victoria to Air Berlin topbonus

I've sent an email with my TAP Victoria Gold card and certificate of danish residence to airbonus and they have matched to airbonus Gold...

TAP Victoria to Royal Air Maroc Safar Flyer

I wrote an email to Safar programa, showed my value to their network (brazil and angola), received no answer, went to the RAM Office in...