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TAP MilesAndGo is most likely to Match Status based on 14 of 22 submitted reports (64%).

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Reports for obtaining status with TAP MilesAndGo

LATAM Pass to TAP MilesAndGo

Send email to TAP, with an image of the LATAM Pass Platinum Card. They give me a challenge, sign Clube or buy 4.000 miles. I signed Club...

Lufthansa Miles and More to TAP MilesAndGo

Deny due to the same alliance.

TudoAzul to TAP MilesAndGo

According to e-mail answer Status Match campaign is just available to person who join TAP Miles&Go after 2020.

Air Europa Suma to TAP MilesAndGo

Reached out, provided proof of status (they wanted screenshots, front+back of card). After 6 weeks I got a response that it was approved,...

British Airways Executive Club to TAP MilesAndGo

Attached a copy of my digital British Airways Silver card status card after a few weeks I received an email requesting to buy either miles...

Qatar Airways Privilege Club to TAP MilesAndGo

Signed up to TAP Miles and Go. Completed the online promotional offer and status match form. Sent them proof of status with Qatar Airways...

Alitalia MilleMiglia to TAP MilesAndGo

Attached a photo of my status card after about a week I received an email requesting to buy either miles or a tap club membership. After...

Air Europa Suma to TAP MilesAndGo

I applied on campaign terms. I just had to send the picture of my card. They replied after 4 weeks and I got it approved.

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Reports for leveraging status with TAP MilesAndGo

TAP MilesAndGo to Lufthansa Miles and More

I contacted Lufthansa by email to transfer my miles from TAP (Miles & Go) to Lufhtansa (Miles & More). It was refused for the following...

TAP MilesAndGo to TudoAzul

Preenchi o formulário no site https://tudoazul.voeazul.com.br/web/azul/desafio2, enviando a foto frente e verso do meu cartão TAP Silver...

TAP MilesAndGo to Starlux Cosmile

I got the acceptance of status match on March, 17th 2021, 26 days after registration. I sent virtual card of my current status and proof of...