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TudoAzul is most likely to Match Status based on 5 of 5 submitted reports (100%).

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Reports for obtaining status with TudoAzul

American Airlines AAdvantage to TudoAzul

Provided proof and got matched after about 3 weeks.

TAP MilesAndGo to TudoAzul

Preenchi o formulário no site, enviando a foto frente e verso do meu cartão TAP Silver...

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles to TudoAzul

Sent an e-mail to with the subject: Solicitação Desafio TudoAzul. Sent all the digital copies to them as...

LATAM Pass to TudoAzul

I sent an email to with an image of the LATAMPass card. Hey, I got this image by making a print screen of...

GOL Smiles to TudoAzul

Enviei este texto para:
Nome do programa onde você tem...

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Reports for leveraging status with TudoAzul

TudoAzul to TAP MilesAndGo

According to e-mail answer Status Match campaign is just available to person who join TAP Miles&Go after 2020.

TudoAzul to Starlux Cosmile

Thank you for contacting STARLUX Airlines!

We are regret to inform you that since Diamante Card of Azul airlines is not included in this...

TudoAzul to United Airlines MileagePlus

I filled the challenge form and in about 2 days they answered with good news benefiting me...

TudoAzul to TAP MilesAndGo

Participei de uma promoção onde comprando um lote de milhas na TAP, pude solicitar o status match da Azul para a Tap.