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TudoAzul is most likely to Match Status based on 11 of 14 submitted reports (79%).

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Reports for obtaining status with TudoAzul

Air New Zealand Airpoints to TudoAzul

Emailed a photo of my still-valid *G Air NZ card to I appear to have been given a challenge, requiring me to earn...

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles to TudoAzul

Need to earn 4,000 points in 90 days

GOL Smiles to TudoAzul

Matched for a 6-month period.

Aegean Airlines Miles and Bonus to TudoAzul

Just sent a copy to asking for a status match.

Copa Airlines ConnectMiles to TudoAzul

Matched in 2 days. Just send email to with the card attached.

GOL Smiles to TudoAzul

Very fast status match, just one week.

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles to TudoAzul

Match done in 4 days.

Very fast and serious.

Very apreciated

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Reports for leveraging status with TudoAzul

TudoAzul to United Airlines MileagePlus

Thanks for taking the time to write to us.

We appreciate your interest in the Premier Status Match Challenge; however, we do not...

TudoAzul to Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

They deny without explain the reasons

TudoAzul to Avianca Brazil Amigo

Valido até 31/03/2018

TudoAzul to LATAM Pass

Valido até 31/03/2018

TudoAzul to TAP Victoria

Sent to ""

Caro Sr.,

Informamos que cada Programa de Passageiro Frequente é gerido pela...

TudoAzul to Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

The request were made through online form. The response was:
Please be informed that only Star Alliance (Gold), Skyteam (Elite Plus),...

TudoAzul to LATAM Pass

Sent an email and i got it

TudoAzul to Air Berlin topbonus

Dear Mr. Castro,
thank you for your E-Mail and your Status Match request.

This offer is only available for Germany, Austria,...